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Baddley Chemicals Inc. has been an innovator and key supplier to the sugar industry since 1998. After recognizing a new solution was needed to replace sugar reagents that contained toxic Lead Subacetate, Dr. Bill Baddley embarked on finding a suitable solution for safely clarifying sugar cane and beet juices. After 10 years of research and testing Dr. Baddley came to a formulation that performed as well or better than the current toxic sugar reagents but no longer contained any lead. Thus, the introduction of Octapol® a proprietary, lead-free, biodegradable non-toxic product. This new product was named OCTAPOL®, based on the proprietary formulation consisting of a mixture of eight chemicals (OCTA-) and also for its use in clarification prior to polarimeter (-POL) measurement of sugar cane and beet juices.

For the past 24 years Baddley and Octapol® have served the sugar industry well by providing a high quality, safe, and effective reagent for clarifying sugar cane and beet juices. One of the most innovative and foundational improvements in sugar cane and beet juice measurement for total sugar concentration ever made.


About Baddley Chemical:
Baddley Chemical is a family-owned and operated chemical company located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA.  They celebrated their 42nd year of continuous operation since incorporation in 1980. As of March 30th 2022, Baddley Chemical and Octapol® will be owned by and manufactured by Rudolph Research Analytical.

Dr. Bill Baddley and Gwyn Baddley have been tremendous innovators and modernizers within the sugar industry. They have truly been lifetime contributors to the Sugar Industry. Their product Octapol® has eliminated what was a toxic chemical mixture that exposed workers to Lead Subacetate. In addition, Octapol® has long been the agreed upon sugar cane and beet juice clarifier that both growers and mills know they can trust. The Baddley’s Octapol® has proven to be a valuable, long-standing, and highly valuable resource to Sugar Cane and Sugar Beet Mills and Growers all over the world for over 24 years.



Now with great excitement about the future of Octapol® the Baddleys have entrusted their landmark sugar reagent to the care of Rudolph Research Analytical, Inc of Hackettstown New Jersey. The Baddleys feel confident that not only will Rudolph continue the success of Octapol® but expand its use and availability in the sugar Industry.

To Order Octapol® or contact Rudolph Research Analytical visit us on the web at, email us at or contact us by phone at +1 973-584-1558

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